We went above and beyond for Yolanda!

What was your experience with the Spivey Daniel real estate group?
Oh my gosh, it was awesome! Right at the beginning, when I realized my property was worth more than I paid for it, I wanted to sell it yesterday. Pamela got everything done in like five days so we could have an open house that weekend. We had a termite inspection and all the stuff you want to do before you put your home on the market. She really went for it. Then, we had the open house and only left bidding open for two days and she worked tirelessly to prioritize the top ten offers. She really busted her butt for me because she knew I wanted to retire and be gone, so I have nothing but praise for her. Her guidance and her ability to evaluate the bids that came in. She knew how to look at them and get me the surest deal. I wanted to accept an offer with the surest percentage it would close - I didn't want the deal to fall apart before closing. Her expert advice was fantastic; I think I did phenomenally in the sale. I also want to mention that the way she put together the virtual tour and presented my home for sale was so eye-catching.