How We Made Harry's Home Buying Process Flow

How was your experience with the Spivey Daniel Real Estate Group?
"They were the greatest group of people to help me personally as a veteran of the United States of America. She made the process so flawless and fluid -- it just flowed. Look at me now!"

What would you say to a first time home buyer?
"To me, you should really find the most experienced Realtor you can find based on reputation. [Spivey Daniel Real Estate Group] has that reputation, and I truly recommend them."

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How Important Is Buyer Representation in the East Bay?

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Today, I’ll answer the question: “Do you need buyer representation when you’re buying new home development?” Yes, you absolutely do!

When you walk through new home developments, they have over $100,000 worth of upgrades inside. At Spivey Daniel, we can help you through the process for free.

Secondly, you are allowed to have buyer representation when purchasing a new home development. Most people aren’t aware of this.

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